All of our coffee is organically shade-grown in Haiti, co-planted with banana, plantain, avocado, almond, & citrus trees.

Shade-growing not only allows the coffee cherries to ripen slowly and gently, it also makes coffee cultivation sustainable for the farmer & community by providing foods along with cash crops.

Coffee and shade trees support each other. Coffee’s wide shallow roots create a mesh that helps hold topsoil in place. Trees with deeper roots like banana & plantain bring water closer to the surface.  Taller fruit trees contribute shade that the others need.  Shade-growing coffee helps communities improve their ecosystems as trees become valuable components. 

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Our farmer partners contribute to reforestation by planting one new tree in Haiti for every pound of coffee we import.

Haitian coffee is revolutionary.

Coffee has supported Haitian independence from the time of the revolution forward. Drinking Haitian coffee supports Black farmers who are supporting and building their communities.  

Haitian coffee is delicious.

Intense chocolate flavor notes are generated by Haiti’s very high altitude and heirloom coffee trees. We import green coffee and roast frequently in Brooklyn for maximum freshness. 

All our coffee is single-origin and represents the output of one coffee farming collective in one area of Haiti and is the special flavor of that region.

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